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Terminal Crimping Machine GT-TC201

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Crimp terminal with wire cable, mainly for cartridge heater production or other terminal crimp rivet. 

Main features:

1. Small size nice design, with less noise when working;

2. Easy operation;

3. Press: 20KN

4. Motor power: 0.75KW

5. Power supply: 220V 50HZ

6. Travel: 30mm(can be custom-made for 40mm)

7. Dimension: 270*260*640mm

8. Weight: 50kg


Cartridge heater produciton.

Information need for order GT-TC201 Terminal Crimping Machine:

** Terminal size and 30pcs sample ;

** Cable size and 2 meter sample;

** Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz);

Terminal Crimping Machine GT-TC201

Video for Terminal Crimping Machine GT-TC201 for cartridge heater production 

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