About Us

About Us

Zhaoqing City Greater Technology Co., Ltd focus on heater machines and heating element supplies, we offer tubular heater machinery, cartridge heater machinery, hot runner heater machinery, industrial heater machinery, heater supplies, heater raw materials, include tube cutting machines, resistance wire winding machines,welding machines, plug with pin assembling machines, filling machines, feeding machines, reducing machines, trimming machine, anneal machines, bending machines, terminal pins, tube material for heating elements, ceramic beads, resistance wires, MGO rods, terminal pins, flanges etc.


Our company have more than 15 years in international business, our team worked in machine factories in past years. 

Now not only offer previous machines, but also work with more factories directly.

We are in good position to offer more and better heater machines and heating supplies /service to customers.


For previous and current orders, we will keep offer service with factory.


Why choose us?

*** Specialist only masters his own field. We are in international business for many years,good at offer quality heating element machines and material from China to oversea.

One factory usually good at one or some products, can not good at all products.

We can take different good products from good factories to customers. And we have our factory and team to support.

*** Continuous learning and innovation. We deal with customers and factories in years, also work with related heater factories all the time.

Our engineers good at improve machines better, good at improve quality machines than manufacturer.

*** Professional handles professional affairs. Our team had been worked in factories before, with experienced to work with factories and follow orders.

We choose and require professional factories and workers for production.

*** In the viewpoint of the customers, we offer best quality products with less cost, follow orders, inspect before shipment, offer after-sales.

*** Put your heart into one thing, you will be successful soon.

Buyers want to buy products, we are good at marketing, customer services and follow orders, manufacturers good at producing.