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GT-YBGY201 Rolling Thread Machine

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GT-YBGY201 Rolling Thread Machine use to roll thread on terminal pin after remove sealers. This will avoid thread being worn out during remove plugs. 


Rolling thread on terminal pin after shrink or trim. 

Main features:

*** semi auto machine, easy operation;

*** Length of thread to roll can control by worker;


Suitable to roll thread on terminal pin after trim, to avoid thread being wearing during heater produciton. 

Information need for order GT-YBGY201 Rolling Thread Machine :

*** Size of terminal pin to thread, such as M2;

***power supply: such as 3 phase 380V, single phase 220V, 50HZ.

GT-YBGY201 Rolling Thread Machine

Video for GT-YBGY201 Rolling Thread Machine on Youtube for tubular heater produciton. 

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