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GT-SW30 Cartridge Heater Swaging Machine

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GT-SW30 round swaging machine is specially designed for industrial heating elements, which in small quantity, and many sizes.

It can produce high density cartridge heaters, hot runner heaters and double end tubular heaters.

It is easy and quick to change the molds.


* Reduce heater to increase density (for round heater);
* Specially designed for industrial heater reducing;
* Easy operation and molds change easy, Suitable for small quantity and multi-diameters production;
* One mold in 4 pcs, with good smooth and round finish;
* Small size in nice design.

Round heater reduce, such as cartridge heater reduce, hot runner heater reduce and some industrial heater reduce.

Information need for order GT-SW30 swaging machine

  • Tube diameter before and after reduce
  • Length before reduce
  • Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz)

Tips: If need to reduce flat or square heater for coil hot runner heater, GT-SWS01 Swaging Machine is recommend. 

GT-SW30 Cartridge Heater Swaging Machine

    Check video for GT-SW30 Cartridge Heater Swaging Machine for heating element produciton.

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Hola, we saw your reducing machine in Argentina, it it nice. How we can buy same machine to make cartridge heaters? Can we email to info@heater-machines.com?