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GT-PG202 Automatic Tube Arrange Machine

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Preset arrange the empty tube on the rack auto, to install the tubes on MGO filling machine in one time.

Main features:

1. Automatic to unload the tube one by one on the hopper;

2. Length within order can be adjust;

3. 1 tube arrange machine can match with 2-3 MGO filling machine, which can  improves production efficiency.

4. Nice design with small volume, easy use.


Tubular heater production, recommend for heaters within 1 meter.

Information need for order GT-PG202 Automatic Tube Arrange Machine:

** Tube diameter;

** Tube Length;

** Width of filling machine to match;

**Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz);

 GT-PG202 Automatic Tube Arrange Machine

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