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GT-JY18 18 Station Shrinking Machine

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GT-JY18 18 Station Shrinking Machine is a popular shrinking machine among heater factories. The machine with 18 pair rollers, which more suitable to reduce for long or larger electric heaters


Reduce heater to increase density;

Main features:

1. whole casting for body of the machine, ensure stable use in future.;
2. According to different diameters and orders, can make in uniform speed or un-uniform speed;
3. change related rollers can reduce different diameters heaters;
4. When the pipe is blocked, the machine will automatic shutdown;
5. with small size, less noise, easy adjustment;
6. suitable for different materiall metal tubes;
7. change rollers, can reduce round, square, flat heaters.
8. can make in 12 station, 16 station and 21 station.

Round heater reduce, such as tubular heater, cartridge heater, cable heater;
Oblate heater reduce, such as railway heater reduce, fryer heater;

Information need for order GT-JY18 roll reducing machine:
Tube diameter before and after reduce, such as Φ19-16mm
Length before reduce;
Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz);

speed: uniform speed or un-uniform speed;

GT-JY18 18 Station Shrinking Machine

Check video for 18 station roller shrinking machine 

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Hi Greater machines!!! We had paid 50% advance payment for this machine, just sent slip by email. PLS make our machine fast and send. Next 2024 year we will buy more heater equipment, also some heating materials. Thank you from USA.