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GT-FM24 PLC 24 Station MGO Powder Filling Machine

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fill MGO powder for tubular heaters;


suitable for tubular heaters, long heating elements, large diameter heaters to add MGO powder;

*** can make in double filling guide tubes (one diameter install on the machine);or three filling guide tubes (different diameters install on the machine);
*** operation in the middle of the machine, easy to operate;
*** length can be custom according to order, it is recommend machine for long heating elements. (filling length in 300-8000mm can be adjustable, according to order);
*** stations: 24 station. (one time fill 24 pcs, or custom accroding to order such as 6/8/10/12/16/36/48 etc)
*** shape to fill: round tube;
Information need for order for filling machine:
*** length to fill;
*** diameter to fill;
*** wall-thicnkess of the tube to fill;
*** max OD of resistance wire spiral;
*** size of terminal pin head;

GT-FM24 PLC 24 Station MGO Powder Filling Machine

Video for GT-FM24 PLC 24 Station MGO Powder Filling Machine Tubular Heater Production Line

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Hello GREATER HEATER MACHINERY, thank you ship the 6 meter filling tower to us in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This big guy now filling nice electric heaters for our market. WE FOUND YOU SUPPLY HEATING FITTINGS AND HEATER MATERIALS, SOON WE WILL BY SOME HEATING SUPPLIES TO MAKE MORE HEATER PRODUCTS. INSHALLAH.