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GT-ACT29 Full Auto Cutting Machine

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Fully automatic feeding and cutting tube machine adopts the structure of manual loading ,automatic feeding and automatic cutting. It is a special equipment to cut the tubes in a fixed length for heating elements.

The machine is controlled by PLC and operated by man-machine interface, and one person can operate multiple equipments in same time. It has the advantages of improving production efficiency and reducing production cost. Full-Auto Cutting Machine suitable for copper pipes, iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, etc.

Information need for order GT-ACT29 Full Auto Cutting Machine:

***diameter to cut;

***length to cut;

***power supply: such as 3 phase 380V, single phase 220V, 50HZ;

Tips: If need to cut tubes in small quantity, can order a cheaper semi-auto tube cutting machine

GT-ACT29 Full Auto Cutting Machine

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