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8 Station Shrinking Machine GT-JY8

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GT-JY8 8 station shrinking machine is a small roller reducing machine with 8 pair rollers, suitable for small diameter tubular heaters in short length, such as Φ8-Φ6.6mm within 1 meters. 


Reduce heater to increase density;

Main features:

1. whole casting for body of the machine, ensure stable use in future.;
2. According to different diameters and orders, can make in uniform speed or un-uniform speed;
3. change related rollers can reduce different diameters heaters;
4. When the pipe is blocked, the machine will automatic shutdown;
5. with small size, less noise, easy adjustment;
6. suitable for different materiall metal tubes;
7. change rollers, can reduce round, square, flat heaters.
8. this machine in 8 stations, can also make in 12 station, 18 station and 21 station.

Round heater reduce, such as tubular heater.

Information need for order GT-JY8 8 Station Shrinking Machine:
Tube diameter before and after reduce, such as Φ8-6.6mm
Length before reduce;
Electrical supply (for example, 1 phase in 220v , 3 phase in 380V, 50hz);

speed: uniform speed or un-uniform speed;

8 Station Shrinking Machine GT-JY8

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